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Mixing desk and gear



Starting with great sounds is the first step of making a great recording. Andrew Myers has the experience to get the sounds right from the beginning so you can focus on the music. Andrew works with a variety of studios in Houston and Austin TX and also offers concert recording.

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In mixing, Andrew takes the tracks from your recording session and turns them into a song. Mixing can add clarity, depth, punch, energy, and excitement to your song. Every song is different and needs different things out of mixing. Andrew works with you to understand what your song needs (and what your song doesn't need) so he can make sure your song sounds great!

Price: $300.00 per Song


Mastering is the last step in getting your album ready to release. Mastering makes sure that your songs sound great in the context of your album, and when played alongside current releases in your genre on the radio. It also ensures that your album sounds great everywhere: in your car, in earbuds, and at home.

Price: $50.00 per song

Other Audio Production Services

Although our primary business is recording and producing music, Shannon-Myers Studios is open to working on any type of audio production.

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